handmade work by black creators

Creating something by hand is so personal. Within our digital age, I’ve grown to appreciate the more tangible art. I created this project to collect and celebrate the talent that lives within the black community.

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Stucco and Raffia on canvas

Elan Byrd

Weaving is a slow and intentional meditative process, which allows me to be sustainable in my practice. Therefore, I create one of a kind, small quantity items made from natural fibers and other resources from the earth. This is how I honor our connection between Earth and hand.

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Arrangement of white cylinders

Tracie Hervy

Tracie Hervy's education in ceramics began in the studios of Greenwich House Pottery in NYC. She later studied at the Rhode Island School of Design where she received an MFA in ceramics.

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Black ceramic mug with rainbow shaped handle

Lolly Lolly

Lolly Lolly is a studio based in Columbus, OH that sells handmade ceramics by Lalese Stamps.

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Book page of Brooklyn apartments and Arabic writing

Things You Know

The 250+ page book explores concepts of home, dissimilation, coexistence, an everlasting sense of change, and how these themes can transform a small neighborhood into a remarkable human experience.

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Gold abstract earrings

Lingua Nigra

Handcrafted organic natural jewelry and sculptural design for everyday adornment. Alicia Goodwin has been creating jewelry since childhood, but it wasn’t until she was earning her degree at The State University of New York Fashion Institute of Technology that she realized that creating impactful work in metal was her true calling in life. She launched Lingua Nigra soon after graduating F.I.T., creating work inspired in nature with a focus on ancient talismans, victorian era work and mourning sentimental jewelry.

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Hands spinning clay to make a vase

Pottery by Osa

These are durable objects meant to be enjoyed daily, for years to come. Handmade pottery adds art and a sense of intentionality to simple daily rituals. Many of our ancestors used handmade vessels to contain both the material and the immaterial. Just as I balance beauty and function while I make, I also consider my pottery the physical manifestation of blessings that I send off into the world. My pottery is an expression of love and well wishes to whoever receives it.

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Stone Colored Ritual Bowl

Nur Ceramics

Dina Nur Satti is the designer and maker behind Nur Ceramics, and producers every piece out of her studio. Growing up around the Somali and Sudanese traditions of her parents, ceramics were a part of everyday life and conveyed the daily rituals of life along the Sahara desert.

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Studio table filled with wooden ornaments and vases.

Grain + Knot

The wooden goods at Grain & Knot are lovingly hand-crafted by Sophie in her home studio. Sophie graduated from the Manchester School of Art in 2009, and now lives and works in London.

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